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If you have a need for prescription eyewear, you understand the importance of precise perscriptions, exacting frame and lens measurements, and perfect alignment and adjusting of your eyewear.  Our experienced staff will help you find eyewear that meets your vision needs, fashion sense and budget.

Fishers Optometrist | Fishers Glasses | IN | Fishers Eye Care, LLC |

We offer a range of products and services to get you outfitted with the perfect pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses including:

  • Stylish prescription and non-prescription sunglasses
  • Kids frames that are fun and durable
  • Prescription lenses to correct your vision
  • Reading glasses that are comfortable and effective
  • Bifocals and progressive lenses to meet your unique needs
  • Attractive frames in a wide range of styles, colors and prices
  • Fitting and adjusting your current or new prescription eyewear
  • Lens package pricing with premium lenses and lens options at reduced cost
  • Frame and lens warranties that are included with purchase
  • Frame fitting and styling with Essilor's VisiOffice
  • Our own optical laboratory for edging lenses and quick patient service
  • Value and Budget frames and lenses that are very affordable
  • Second pair offers at great cost savings for backup or contact lens wearers

Regardless of your eyewear needs, you can trust our staff to give you great customer service, great products at affordable prices and the industry expertise that you are seeking.  Contact us today to find out how we can serve your eyewear needs.

Here are a few of the frames lines we carry:

                                              WOMEN'S                                                      KIDS                                                 MEN'S

                                             KATE SPADE                                                      NIKE                                                 NAUTICA

                                              NINE WEST                                                 JELLY BEAN                                EMPERIO ARMANI  

                                                 COACH                                                        RAY BAN                                         SEAN JOHN

                                                   bebe                                                      VERA BRADLEY                                        OGA

                                                  KOALI                                                          CANDIES                                            RAY BAN 

                                              RAY BAN                                                       X-GAMES                                           COLUMBIA    

                                             MARCHON                                                 NICKELODEON                                       HAGGAR

                                          SCOTT HARRIS                                                   PEACE                                                   NIKE


                                                                                              OUR SUNGLASS SELECTIONS INCLUDE:

                                     RAY BAN      MAUI JIM      COACH     bebe      KATE SPADE      NINE WEST      SUN TRENDS      PERRY ELLIS

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